03 October 2011

The Gold Bug

Many years ago I struck up a close friendship with a man named William Legrand. He belonged to an old Huguenot family and had once been rich, but a series of misfortunes had led to ruin. To escape the humiliation thus derived from his misfortunes, had left New Orleans, the city of his ancestors, and fixed his residence at Sullivan's Island, near Charleston, South Carolina. The discovery of a rare specimen of beetle will forever change the lives of our three protagonists: William Legrand, his faithful servant Jupiter and the narrator of this story. So begins The Beetle dre gold, "which, for many, is the author's masterpiece Following this discovery, Legrand starts acting strange and mysterious demanerasumamente beetle appears to be the reason for his surprising comportamiento.Sin But not long before poas discover that the mystery surrounding the beetle is closely related a cryptogram, a message written in code that will attempt to transcribe and Legrand will be decisive in the lives and fortunes of these three men. June 1843, the American writer Edgar Allan Poe primerlugar won in a contest of short stories by the newspaper called "Philadelphia Dollar Newspaper" by Golden Beetle. In this book, also the creator of "crimesStreet Morgue"Captivates the reader with an adventure story starring ribetesfantásticos a nameless narrator, his amigoWilliam Legrand and Jupiter, the black wizard starts this último.Todo triggered when the narrator learns that Legrand, who spent almost exclusivamentea hunting and fishing, had arrived at Sullivan's Island after padercer some economic distress, had found a beetle oro.Algun accidentally long after that discovery, the men's group sponsored an expedition over the hills. The tour stopped at a thick tree, where Legrand, after giving the beetle, he demanded his servant to climb to reach a Jupiter calavera.Cuando accomplished that first goal, his master ordered him to pass the bug on the left eye skull and, when the beetle landed, Legrand took note of the location carefully and realizóalgunas measurements in order to start digging in search of a treasure he sought almost begged encontrar.Sin But at first the pit did not produce the expected results and, convinced by the words of Legrand, decided to dig in another area, where finally, after many, many hours of effort, managed to find the coveted loot cofre.Con already in his hands, entrusted Legrand narrator and his friend had learned of the existence of this hidden treasure. As he confessed, finding the Gold Bug also had found a scroll which had a cryptogram written by a privateer. To decipher, Legrand then gave the necessary data to find the treasure that the man had buried Enel story "The Gold Bug," Poe, with special emphasis on the assessment we make of the superficial things, not always the most transcendental. Dupin's character possesses a notableinteligencia, but also is simple and reader humilde.Exhortaal queponga their appreciation of this magnanimous character, possessed of a special carismay what other values ​​the reader finds it extremely persistent él.Legrand proves its attempt to win the treasure while others exhibit a confidence in himself and his ideas.

Novel Writer     Author: Edgar Allan Poe
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